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How to Write a Good Online Blog Blurb for Videos

Videos are becoming the medium of choice for many websites featuring interviews, insider stories and tips. They may take a bit more effort to take but they are highly effective. For proper SEO, a good online blurb is important for videos. Here are three ways you could create a blurb effectively. Pop Culture References Anybody […]

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The Proper Usage of Formal Writing

In almost every academe, superiors have always encouraged students to make use of the proper grammar and write their articles formally regardless of any subject. In the real world of advertising, marketing and even writing novels, grammar and formal writing have their own specific places, but not always in marketing, especially in online blogging. 1. […]

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Tips for Article Writing and Marketing in 2013

The Internet’s trend from web version 1 to 2.0 came from a text-heavy source of information into a reminiscent of daily video, audio and graphic media found in television and radio. While articles are useful for SEO purposes, their composition and use changes from a few months to a year, to another set of timeline. […]

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Blogging: Interesting Things to Write About

One home-based business that you don’t need capital for is blogging. Internet blogging may have been an Internet user’s past time in the early days of the Internet, but today it is a job that earns income. Blogging with focus on affiliating and advertising certain companies earns great amounts of income due to traffic. The […]

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