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Three Ways To Close A Deal

Yes, we may know all types of keyword and keyphrase variations and where they’re pointing to exactly. We can also make people understand the concept of blogs and other technicalities. But we’re going nowhere with our business if we don’t know how to close a deal.

It just takes three ways, actually.

Ask Them To Scale Your Business

You present your case and it’s a tempting offer for most clients. You just want to ‘trip’ them to buying from you. If they said no or if they said they would ask their business partners first, ask them to rate your business from 1-10. If they rate low, ask why and how you could improve the score for them.

Ask Them What They Prefer If Their Partner Said No

If they said no to you, say that you agree that they should consult with their partners. But also, ask them if they prefer the campaign you’re setting up or if the price is a bit too steep.

When you price your services, make sure what you’re charging would deliver 10x more for your clients. In this way, you create a better relationship with a great chance of referral rains.

Ask Them How Soon They Want To Start The Campaign

If they said they would say yes but only if you could start immediately, remember to start immediately. The sooner you can start and deliver results, the better business it would be for you.

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