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Three Ways Forums Can Help Improve Your Site Visits

Having trouble redirecting people to your blog?

No, it’s not because you have a bad writing voice. It’s definitely not because you’re lacking research in your writing.

Maybe it’s the lack of interaction with other people.

You can prove that you’re an authority about a subject, but you can’t prove whether you’d want to help people or not if you’re not participating in communities.

Create Rapport

When you create rapport, you don’t present yourself as a service.

Instead, you present yourself as a friend. You are someone who’s willing to provide advice about topics that concern you.

If you perform experiments people aren’t willing to, you create a reputation for yourself.

The more you create a positive reputation, the more people are inclined to visit your blog.

Offer Specialised Services

For people who inquire about your expertise, give them solutions but charge them for specific ones.

For example, you could provide a solution for someone’s problem. But for further specific fixes and even longer observation of the problem for further addresses, you can charge them.

Do this discreetly when you start. As much as you can, if you have a solution, refer them to your blog first.

Become The Go-To Guy

The more you gain confidence from your peers, the more you get recommended. You become the go-to guy. As the go-to guy, you could redirect them to your blog.

As you increase your unique views per month, you gain huge potential in earning from your website as well as providing products or services, if you have them.

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