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Three Reasons Why Page Loading Speed Matters

As marketers, we also frequent pages that we’d love to read. I know you’ve experienced that time when a page doesn’t load quick enough. You’ve probably loaded three pages about the same topic and you’re likely to stick with the one that quickly loads. That’s how page loading speed affects these three things.

Bounce Rates

The first paragraph has talked about bounce rates. The more people ‘bounce’ from your page, the more likely it indicates the page’s unreliability. If you decrease your load time, people are likely to read your content. It’s the equivalent of having a customer wanting to buy something too long they’ve already changed their minds.

Conversion Rates

As the customer wants to make a purchase immediately but your service provider says your Internet is shot down, they’re likely to turn down their initial offer. I mean, look, when I show you a page that loads slowly, after 15 seconds, you’d want to consider looking for other services.

Now, not unless your product or service is greatly coveted in the industry, it’s highly likely consumers will shun you due to slow page loading.

Web Host Quality (And Rating)

If you’ve tried all the methods to optimise your page’s loading speed, such as deleting unnecessary information and compressing your images and media, you might be dealing with a very bad web host. Or maybe a web host out of reach for your target market.

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