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The Implications Of Video-Centred SERPs

I’ve seen this one coming from Google since the time they introduced the Panda search algorithm. With videos of advertisements playing in the search engine results page of top-rank websites, it would be easy to catch the consumer’s attention.

The problem is, keyword-embedded videos could cause some imbalances in your website content. Keyword-stuffing could penalise your website. Also, the lack of tools to improve SEO for websites would make adjustment staggering for plenty of online marketers.

A New Form Of SEO

Video-centred SERPs would help many blogs boost their traffic. A host of video loggers can make use of their innate skills to outdo their competition. However, I’m driving to the point that we’ll need new search engine optimisation tricks to keep up with what Google is doing.

This would mean years of analytics to find the best practices to find yourself on top of the list of video advertisements.

Possible Returns

But I predict the returns to be as huge as it could be. Videos that appear Vine-like, lasting only for less than 10 seconds, can be more meaningful than a lengthy advertisement.

By attracting consumer attention with hilarity, instant tips or quick messages, entrepreneurs could touch the hearts of their target audience and almost immediately make a sale.

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