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How to Write a Good Online Blog Blurb for Videos

Videos are becoming the medium of choice for many websites featuring interviews, insider stories and tips. They may take a bit more effort to take but they are highly effective. For proper SEO, a good online blurb is important for videos. Here are three ways you could create a blurb effectively.

  1. Pop Culture References

Anybody writing about computers and their qualities should compare it to the exaggerated fictional stories of cartoons, such as the Jetsons or Back to the Future. Any blogger writing about unique vacations can translate their experience to any fictional story, such as the same feeling a movie character probably felt in an action-escape scene. These references make it easier for audiences to feel and understand the situation of the blogger.

  1. Make it Short and Sweet

You will want to condense the text to a minimum of three to four sentences. You only have ten seconds to grab the attention of your visitors, so make every word and description count. Highlight the interesting points of the video and what it hopes to attain.

  1. Write a Good Headline

Make use of your creativity to create unique-sounding but interest-catching headlines. Avoid using conventional words, and make sure to limit it to just five to seven words.

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