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How to Back Up Your WordPress Website Quickly

You need to move your website because quickly, your hosting is turning into a neighbourhood of undesirable automated websites. You might need to move your website because the hosting prices are becoming unfair.

Whichever your reason is, if you’re running WordPress you have a great chance of successfully recovering and re-uploading your website to a new hosting immediately.

Control Panel

First, access your websites control panel. Using the colon (:) would mean the website would be accessed using the port of your choice. Control panel ports are usually at 2082 or 2083.

Type it in a manner such as http://www.example.com:2082 or 2083 whichever applies.

From here, you should have your hosting login details, which you’ll enter.

File Manager

Now, enter the file manager and find your folder named public_html.

If you’re using just one domain, you can select all these files and use the option to compress all the files in the area. If not, you must exclude all folders with web addresses.

Once you’ve compressed it, you can download the entire website, which usually is smaller than 100MB depending on how much you use it.


But you may be asked to re-install WordPress when re-uploading your website due to a lack of proper credentials. The website accesses your database to find these credentials.

So now, you’ll also have to download your database.

From the control panel, access phpMyAdmin. From here, you can find the proper database.

Check the ‘wp_options’ item of each database to see if you’re downloading the proper domain database.

Then press export and off you go.

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