Church Budget Spreadsheet Template

Church Budget Spreadsheet Template – Excel templates for budgets not only allow us to group data but it facilitates a great deal of operations, since calculating in excel is easier thanks to the multiple functions of Excel. If we want to calculate a budget in Excel we can download Excel to design a budget model, […]

Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheet

Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheet – A fundamental step to be able to improve your financial situation is to have your own balance sheet. In this sheet, you can manage all your liabilities, assets and therefore your income and expenses. Then I leave a link where you can find this balance sheet in Excel format. Let’s […]

Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet

Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet – How to plan Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet in Excel Thanks to Excel’s template for vehicle maintenance they have a provision of one of the most useful resources for their work. This spreadsheet is very simple and you can customize it in different sections and use it as if it were […]

Compare Excel Spreadsheets 2010

Compare Excel Spreadsheets 2010 – How to Excel Spreadsheets 2010 A very common task is a list of lists in Excel to know the similarities or differences between both lists. Although you have already published other articles on this topic, in this section you use the Conditional Formatting to make the comparison. Compare two lists […]

Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Client Tracking Spreadsheet – How To Make a¬†Client Tracking Spreadsheet With the passage of time Excel templates have become our best ally to take care of business processes to the fullest. This is the case of customer tracking, where thanks to the Excel functions offered by spreadsheets we have the opportunity to establish a comprehensive […]

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools – Business Intelligence Tools is a type of application software designed to collaborate with business intelligence (BI) processes in organizations. Specifically, these are tools that assist the analysis and presentation of the data. While some Business Intelligence tools do not include ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Load) functionality, ETL tools are generally […]

Dave Ramsey Allocated Spending Plan Excel Spreadsheet

Dave Ramsey Allocated Spending Plan Excel Spreadsheet – The Ramsey / Ramsay week This week is dedicated to two men. One is a writer of personal finances in USA that among other things, has elaborated the debt elimination system called Debt snowball or debt boladenieve (Dave Ramsey). The other is a British cook whose histimagesoria […]

Downtime Tracking Spreadsheet

Downtime Tracking Spreadsheet – Time management is an important topic in the e-commerce industry. Some believe that projects need to be planned ahead of time and charged based on a flat fee (something known as value-based pricing), while others charge per hour. If you are part of the last group, you need to keep track […]

Earthwork Estimating Spreadsheet

Earthwork Estimating Spreadsheet Introduction Development CONCLUSIONS Bibliography Introduction One of the most frequent constructive activities in civil constructions is the earth movements necessary to construct engineering works, esplanades to locate socio-economic works, sports fields and others, being of great importance to realize with adequate precision the volumes of earth to move. Before the appearance of […]

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet – Calculate vacation days in ExcelCalculate vacation days in Excel Workers of a company are entitled to an annual holiday period, and depending on the labor laws of each country, a method is established to calculate the vacation days to which the worker is entitled. In the vast majority of countries, […]